Parallel Processing of Edges

Today I finished implementation on a design I had to allow parallel processing of the resolving movement in the StitchableQuad edge structures. Although it appears to work. When composed with […]

Quest To Understand Monads

I’ve been learning Haskell for nearly three months now, and although that might not be a long time I have been at it pretty intensely. While reading around about Haskell […]

Data.Graph Hate.

I have swapped an element within a list of nodes that I have extracted from my Data.Graph Graph. I’ve tested it and it performs as expected. I’ve zipped it up […]

List Foo

So, I’m getting down and dirty with lists, again! Even though I supposed to be working on Graphs, well it turns out you can’t really escape working with lists when […]

More Time More Graphs

Now I’ve handed my first piece of Coursework I’ve found myself having a lot more time to work on my project. I’m now adding functions to my GraphWorld Haskell program […]

Surface Generation

I soon switched from looking at the IO monad to sorting out a function to generate the surface. I am also a little stumped here too however I will be […]