German Win

Today I learnt I scored a First in my German class I’d been taking over the last year. This means I’m officially A2 level at German. I now wonder what would have happened if I’d been more optimistic and opted for the B1 level class. Would it affect my final year result at Uni and my degree, or would I just get a lower grade. At times I didn’t find the class very challenging but I always learnt something and if not practised my German each week. Plus the teacher I had was awesome. The question the poses itself what is worth more a A2 certificated that was ace’d or a B1 certificate with and average passing grade?

Anyhow the next step is to B1 level. I plan to get this textbook which my teacher mention the B1 certificate class would be using. I also plan to stay Anki’ing and start making posts on with some regularity. I want to try and reach B2/DaF level before I start my Masters degree. With Anki I have introduced a grammar deck which although growing slowly is affirming grammar concepts within Polish and I want to add an additional German grammar deck which I will include within my daily Anki routine.

Bis Später!


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