Not as Easy

So it turns out stitching up these graphs isn’t as easy as it looked… I’m coming into problems like ants being able to jump two spaces because they’re processed twice […]

Stitching Things Up

Could this be the beginning of serial time. I am now analysing, breaking down, figuring out this processes I am  calling “stitching up” the graphs (I also refer to my graphs […]

Anki Success

So what is Anki? Anki is a flash card program which aids you in remembering stuff, it decreases the amount of time you spend learning by using an algorithm to […]

Night Before (node 9)

I have my weekly supervisor meeting and even though I’ve poured as much as my time as I could from the last week into my project I can still envision […]

Head is an abomination

I feel like I’m making awesome progress on the project I have been hacking away for a quite a few hours already today. Something interesting came up while I was […]

Meeting with Supervisor.

This meeting with my supervisor I showed him my graph function which allowed for swapping of vertices and demonstrated how it could be used to move a node around the […]

Internet Games Module

Over the last week I have been very distracted by my Internet games module the deadline is fast approaching and I still don’t think I will be able to look […]