Writing but more Reading

I came away from the last meeting with my tutor with a few new objectives. Firstly I was to look into getting some parallel algorithms running in Erlang and Haskell, […]

Assignments and Progress

Over the last week I haven’t really given my project the focus that it really needs, but that will change this week, last week I focused mainly on my assignments. […]

Specifics of my Project

Today I spent some time trying to nail down the specifics of my project, specifically what areas I am going to research as so far I have just been running […]

Topic Decision

I met with the 4 tutors who I thought may be interested in the project ideas over the last few days and after listening to their advice and ideas I […]

The Three Ideas

So my three project ideas were: -a Natural Language Processor running as an interface to a Murder Mystery Game. -a Racing Physics Simulation with a Reinforced Learning Based Intelligent Agent. […]


This is my Computer Science (Games). Final year project blog. I seem to get writer’s block every time I look at a blank screen so this introduction won’t be very […]