Git command of the week

Forgot a few things from you .gitignore? Already tracking them? Don’t want to spend time going through rm files and folder individually? Then … git ls-files –ignored –exclude-standard | xargs git […]

Semester Two

So guess what guys and girls of the internet!! I totally dominated my first semester at Sussex University (currently on track for a distinction). I have grown even more interested […]


People who follow me on Github may have noticed a stub repository created about 5 months ago which seemingly nothing happened to as this was my last activity on Github […]

Debian Debian Debian

How I love Wheezy and gnome 3. I’m thinking of getting a Macbook Air for my next laptop, but it’ll definitely dual boot Debian with majority of the hard drive belonging to Debian. It […]

The Erlang Haunting

This week has been pretty crazy, I did have a good relax last weekend but I spent more time in the office this week than I have ever spent in […]