Write write write…

Things are all about the process report no more time for implementation which is getting me down because things still don’t work!!! 🙁 I’m really unsure about the word count, […]

Parallel Processing of Edges

Today I finished implementation on a design I had to allow parallel processing of the resolving movement in the StitchableQuad edge structures. Although it appears to work. When composed with […]

Discovery of -Wall and hpc

Crazy infinite loop bug while trying to print quadrants after resolving movements between them. Epic tools of epicness are guiding me to win. Uncovering problems I have with type signatures […]

Map Magic

I have recently been working for my Comparative Programming Languages module coursework deadline and so coding on the project has been a little slow over the last two or three […]

Work Arounds

Today I my enquiries into how to correctly format if statements in do notation led me to the following link. https://github.com/tibbe/haskell-style-guide/blob/master/haskell-style.md Spoke to a lecturer we looked at my white […]

Nearly complete

So I’ve been slogging away at this brutally long function for the last few evenings. It clearly needs some encapsulation/abstraction which I plan to add ASAP. I hope to talk […]

Do Notation

This post is aboutt Do Notation, I red an article awhile ago entitled ‘Do Notation considered harmful’. let statments trying to overwrite variables has caused my program to hang in […]

Quest To Understand Monads

I’ve been learning Haskell for nearly three months now, and although that might not be a long time I have been at it pretty intensely. While reading around about Haskell […]

Data.Graph Hate.

I have swapped an element within a list of nodes that I have extracted from my Data.Graph Graph. I’ve tested it and it performs as expected. I’ve zipped it up […]

List Foo

So, I’m getting down and dirty with lists, again! Even though I supposed to be working on Graphs, well it turns out you can’t really escape working with lists when […]

More Time More Graphs

Now I’ve handed my first piece of Coursework I’ve found myself having a lot more time to work on my project. I’m now adding functions to my GraphWorld Haskell program […]

Viva la Graph

Today I had my Viva with my tutor and second reader at which I laid out the aims of my dissertation project. These were then discussed with my second reader […]

Surface Generation

I soon switched from looking at the IO monad to sorting out a function to generate the surface. I am also a little stumped here too however I will be […]

Monad Misery

I’m gradually developing more and more code for my project’s simulation but I’m currently hitting a wall when it comes to Monads. Currently I am able to generate any given […]

Viva Date Set

Today I finalized a date for my viva with my personal tutor. It is set for 10:30 on the 6th of December. So between now and then I will prepare […]

Writing but more Reading

I came away from the last meeting with my tutor with a few new objectives. Firstly I was to look into getting some parallel algorithms running in Erlang and Haskell, […]

Assignments and Progress

Over the last week I haven’t really given my project the focus that it really needs, but that will change this week, last week I focused mainly on my assignments. […]

Specifics of my Project

Today I spent some time trying to nail down the specifics of my project, specifically what areas I am going to research as so far I have just been running […]

Topic Decision

I met with the 4 tutors who I thought may be interested in the project ideas over the last few days and after listening to their advice and ideas I […]

The Three Ideas

So my three project ideas were: -a Natural Language Processor running as an interface to a Murder Mystery Game. -a Racing Physics Simulation with a Reinforced Learning Based Intelligent Agent. […]


This is my Computer Science (Games). Final year project blog. I seem to get writer’s block every time I look at a blank screen so this introduction won’t be very […]