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swagintherain: Shoutout to #BlackBoysBreakTheInternet For the culture, for the pride, for the real Black power.

zargara: Shop: http://babesngents.com/collections/black-label Instagram // Twitter // Facebook Snapchat: babesngents

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that-supreme-bitch: black-boys: Nate Carty by Christine Hahn | Backstage at Telfar SS 16 IG: @Shayytoni

rossdraws: ASTRO 2!  Really liked how this one turned out. Made this with my GRAD EPISODE! 

fill-my-void: There are people who can make moments movie-like. You know, they have a sense for capturing the moments, to make others feel like time has stopped for a few […]

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ronniefieg: The Kith x @ones_stroke Frayed Ginza will be available today 11am Est at both Kith shops and online, KithNyc.com

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English: Grandfather, do sheep get sheep? Sheep don’t get sheep, sheep get lamb. Finnish: Isoisä, saavatko lampaat lampaita? Lampaat eivät saa lampaita, lampaat saavat karitsoja. Swedish: 🙂 Finnish and English: […]

Ich beherrsche die deutsche Sprache, aber sie gehorcht nicht immer. Alfred Polgar (via linguisten)

manniskorarkonstiga: Baptiste Radufe photographed VanMossevelde+N and styled by Andrea Tenerani for Panorama Icon magazine

paleandeyeless: Jerry Lorenzo at H. Lorenzo that fucking Haider coat pale and eyeless

They forgot everything the minute they were together again. Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights (via wordsnquotes)

Language messaging

hiddenintheshadowws: Since Tumblr has messaging now, we should create a big language group! We can all talk about languages and practice or anything. Reblog or send me a message if […]

paradisonyc: Sharina New York Fashion Photographer Joseph Paradiso and Yuki www.paradisonyc.com

lavidapoliglota: tips for remembering extra-slippery vocab: – shave the word onto the side of your head – tattoo it on your arm – spray paint it on your garage door […]

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manniskorarkonstiga: Saverio Rotinia & Victor Gorincioi in o brother, where art thou? Photographed by Eugenio Intini and styled by Giulia Meterangelis for Schön! Magazine

languageramblings: – Because languages are much more than just grammar and vocabulary. Languages are the images and memories and experiences associated with each unique tongue, the unforgettable moments that they […]

is0lateddd: “asshole to the world but never towards your girl” This makes me so happy.

chanel-and-louboutins: The outfits though 😍😍🙌🏽🙌🏽 #Goals

slickster46-ler: This is the most perfect summary of the German language I’ve ever seen

7-vn: So I’m on a sidewalk on a typical day somewhere around Manhattan. I’m taking a look at some shots on my camera screen. Then suddenly I hear, “Ay man, you […]

A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity. Franz Kafka (via journaling-junkie)

slaviclanguages: Colors in Polish czerwony – red  szary – grey żółty – yellow zielony – green błękitny – blue brązowy – brown biały – white  pomarańczowy – orange fioletowy – violet/purple niebieski – dark blue  […]

fivetail: bitch you lack so much class marx declared you a utopia Yes sis!!! yesss!!!

styletaboo: Salvatore Scarpitta – Composizione (Extramural n.5) [detail, canvas and metal wire, 1958]

styletaboo: Salvatore Scarpitta – Composizione (Extramural n.5) [detail, canvas and metal wire, 1958]

styletaboo: Salvatore Scarpitta – Composizione (Extramural n.5) [detail, canvas and metal wire, 1958]

sweeneytad: I just realized I’ve survived everything I’ve ever encountered in life. I have a 100% survival rate. I’m fucking nailing it.

styletaboo: Vigo Boesen – Little Petra easy chair for Iversen [c.1940]

youbroketheinternet: Robert Geller’s broken in FW15 Common Project boots.

Oh, you not feelin’ me? Fine. It costs you nothin’, pay me no mind. Jay-Z (via the-ocean-in-one-drop)

sixpenceee: Break Through From Your Mold By Zenos Frudakis located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

laundrybin: 0ptimusxprime: marley-gang: callmespike: validx2: got’em Illest pic I’ve seen Get that Presidential with the shot boy !!! He won’t pass the ball until congress passes his bills. 

raychjackson: onyourtongue: Love this. Omg 😻😻😻😻 I CANT EVEN OMGOMGOMG

fuckyeahrihanna: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 🔫🔫💣💀 angel *_* (Source: http://fuckyeahrihanna.tumblr.com/)

virgilabloh: meanwhile my friend Ye is doing an impromptu show in Armenia solo and just jumped in a lake while performing. talked to him this morning and and he didn’t […]

kuwkimye: Kanye & North at the Armenian St. James Cathedral in Jerusalem’s Old City – April 13, 2015

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The signs as linguists

Aries: semiotician Taurus: computational linguist Gemini: phonetician Cancer: morphologist Leo: historical linguist Virgo: acquisitionist Libra: syntactician Scorpio: field linguist Sagittarius: semanticist Capricorn: psycholinguist Aquarius: sociolinguist Pisces: phonologist

senyahearts: Rihanna by Dennis Leupold for W Korea – 10th Anniversary Issue, March 2015 

arhostotle: willarrddd: oatmealmarketing: this pic is crucial The moral of this photo: don’t let a rainy day stop you from enjoying ice cream. Treat yo self. TREAT YO SELF

senyahearts: Natasha Poly by Txema Yeste in “Theatre” for Vogue Russia, April 2015 

gymaaholic: Yes, Keep It To Yourself I’m Allergic To Negativity http://www.gymaholic.co

awwww-cute: Garry playing with blue butterflies (Source: http://ift.tt/1AcBIrH)

boygirlparty: The Face MagazinePhotographed by Juergen Teller, Styled by Judy BlameDecember 1990

beautifulbizarremag: 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace’s ‘RED’, Expressionism Group exhibition featuring a plethora of exciting local and International artists that will captivate and excite the senses, opens TOMORROW night FRI 1 […]

kanyewestxx: Why is Music the only art people act as though they deserve for free?

The Linguist’s Kitchen

The Linguist’s Kitchen Project Name: The Linguist’s KitchenGrantee: Ian PhillipsDiscipline: LinguisticsFunding Cycle: 2014-2015Project Status: In progress About the Project The goal of this project is to develop and implement The Linguist’s Kitchen—a web-based application designed […]

beautiful-awakeningss: Kanye & Lorde arriving at the Christian Dior fashion show, Paris Fashion Week – March 6, 2015 *_*

gymaaholic: Fitness over EVERYTHING. Spend more time in the gym and you will feel better ! http://www.gymaholic.co

themiseducationofb: People will stare. Make it worth their while → Elie Saab prêt-à-porter | F/W ‘14-‘15

heatherfonseca: This is how my favorite fashion bloggers wear their tulle skirts. 

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves. William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar  (via augustuszeus)

itscolossal: Giant Frozen Waves Infused with Ice Slowly Roll in off the Coast of Nantucket

where do you see yourself in 5 years? me: not looking at price tag when i’m shopping

aestheticbullshit: palacemagazine: Basquiat. Class Room inspiration. ART.

artemisdreaming: The Nefertiti Bust The Nefertiti Bust is a 3,300-year-old painted limestone bust of Nefertiti, the Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten and one of the most copied […]

aetsogard: Jourdan Dunn and Joan Smalls at Atelier Versace Spring 2015

arielcalypso: Rihanna at the 57th Grammy awards, red carpet.  (8th February 2015)

wgsn: Model @KendallJenner stuns in petrol hues at the @MichaelKors show. #AW15 #NYFW

styletruism91: Samuel Roberts by Alexander Neumann for SID Magazine #7

Becoming bilingual is a way of life. Every bone and fiber of your being is affected in some way as you struggle to reach beyond the confines of your first […]

hypebeast: An Inside Look At Atelier Oslo’s Contemporary Norwegian Cabin.

hypebeast: VILLA x Timberland 6” Boot “Emerald” http://hypebeast.com/hb1k8ul

kuwkimye: Kanye West x Adidas Originals presentation in NYC – February 12, 2015

justdropithere: Janis Ancens by Melodie Jeng – Paris Men’s Fashion Week FW15 Street Style

wgsn: Dramatically proportioned and beautifully cut collection between modern military and urban samurai by @JUUN_J at Paris Fashion Week, a favourite of the menswear team.